Things Are Happening

Much has happened. Aside from the regular “day job” stuff, which isn’t all that interesting, some exciting stuff has happened on the writing side of my life. The first of which was ordering 21 copies of my book, which was exciting enough. When they arrived I was at work, so Scott sent me a picture of the box and it was gigantic. I was practically wetting myself with excitement by the time I got home and nearly tore the box apart in my fervency to see all the books. To be honest, all I can say is that I was utterly speechless when I unpacked the box and piled them up on the worktop.

Seeing this for the first time, I truly felt like a writer.

Since getting the copies through the post it’s all been a bit go-go-go. I’ve been wrapping and addressing them (a job I’ve almost completed) and have even handed quite a few of them out. The response from people viewing it from the outside has been interesting, because I think a lot of them assume I’ve been professionally published and “made it” as a writer, so-to-speak. You’d think this would give me a good feeling, but I actually feel a bit like a fraud. A non-writer parading as a writer.

Of course, I’ve been chastised for this by my friends. Truth is: I wrote a book, people have paid for copies of said book, I have used the money for my own ends, which kind of constitutes that I am a writer. One person, my friend Kia, has already finished reading it and her review was positive, which is fantastic! Some snippets of her review are:

To combine genres like you did was fantastic.

I have never read a book in that narrative before! It was awesome.

So that left me feeling really good. Also a very old friend of mine (I won’t dare say how old) called Ellie very cleverly arranged to meet me for the handover in a book shop, so I felt even more like a writer. We then got an employee to take a picture of us together with the book – that definitely gave me a glimpse into the potential celebrity culture of being a successful writer.

Me, Ellie, and a copy of Haunt

Also, I’ve been reading again, which has been absolutely wonderful and fueling my imagination. The particular book I’ve just finished was the astoundingly brilliant Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, which Jennie recommended to me. An absolute triumph of a fantasy novel. A great example of a novel with strong fantasy/romance elements that can work on a multitude of levels and be really engaging. I’m dying to get started on the sequel, but I’m now reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy in the in-between stages.

The astoundingly brilliant Daughter of Smoke and Bone has reignited my desire to read.

Another amazing thing that happened recently occurred just a few nights ago, when I was going through my old emails in my Hotmail account. I found an email to myself from my old work email from my previous job. Attached was the manuscript of a novel I’d started before really getting into Haunt and certainly before I started this blog. I remembered the manuscript being poorly-written and not very long. Well, in reality it is a testament of how good my writing can be, and a full 50,000 words of work! The most recent chapter or two weren’t my best writing, which might have been what put me off, but certainly the first five or six chapters are… well, probably the best I can possibly write at this point in my life – which hopefully says something!

The manuscript, which was tentatively titled Mage but now has the working titles: Tales from the Grimoire or The Mages’ Fall is currently the project I’m focusing on and I’m loving it again. I’ve found a renewed adoration for this fantasy world that I had so painstakingly crafted and then completely forgot about.

In the meantime I’m going to hand out the last 8 copies of Haunt and keep hoping for good reviews from friends/family/friendly strangers. I’m really excited with how my writing is going at the moment. I’ve still got to write a proposal to send Haunt to publishers and agents, which I will do during this week (I’m off of the day job for a week because it’s my 27th Birthday on Wednesday), and also I’ll keep reading and writing and hoping for the best.

I really wanted to talk about the differences between art and entertainment in literature today, but that can wait for next time. Also, I can’t believe I just wrote a whole post without mentioning Stephen King once! … oops.


One comment on “Things Are Happening

  1. Ranting Crow says:

    I guess it really does make a difference to hold a copy of your own book in your hands.
    Congrats and good luck.

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