Support, Selling, Success

It’s now less than 24 hours until my Kickstarter campaign closes and honestly, the support I’ve had has been just the most amazing and encouraging thing any young start-out writer can hope to have. I finished the second edit (and therefore technically the third draft) of my book, then I got it all resized, reformatted and ready for publishing. I ordered a test copy of the book, and it arrived and surpassed my already-high expectations.

The test copy of the official Haunt second edition going to all my generous pledgers.

When I posted a photo of the book on Facebook I was only £10 off of my Kickstarter target, which was £125. After posting the picture I got an overwhelmingly wonderful response from old friends, new friends, family and miscellaneous. It was something I hadn’t been expecting, and my current Kickstarter total sits at £245 – almost 200% of what I originally requested!

That means that, in essence, I have sold 19 copies of my book. People have actually paid to read something I’ve written. I never thought I’d feel this much like a real writer. Getting published by a professional publisher was the goal (and still is), but with everything that I’ve achieved so far it’s taken a lot of the pressure off and made me feel like I can always find success in other ways. I’m just feeling very lucky right now.

So tomorrow is the day when I order test copies, get a covering letter and proposal started, and really start knuckling down and putting in a hard slog. It’s also my first cheat day in 2 months of dieting after shedding nearly 30lbs, so to bolster my energy I will be eating chocolate, donuts, burger, pizza… you name it! Really everything just feels good right now, and I’m so humbled and grateful to have a support network that I (shamefully) underestimated.

Now comes one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with, a question that is going to taunt me in the days and weeks to come:

Are people actually going to like my book?


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