Taking It Seriously

Oh my God. I’ve been working more on my novel in the last few days than probably in the entire time that it has been part of my life. I’ve been editing, formatting, changing and amending, creating and just all-round going a bit mental with it. I whacked out my copy of ‘Getting Your Book Published’ by Rachael Stock and also my copy of Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2013 and have picked through the measly amount of publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts. I’ve created a list of viable agents that I can write to as well, and even started planning out how I’m going to get in touch with them.

It’s been hard work. But it’s beginning to pay off! My kickstarter campaign is doing really well, I’ve almost reached my target. Please click here and pledge, if you have £10 to spare and live in the UK you’ll be helping me out and get a copy of Haunt, but you can pledge as much or as little as you want to help this struggling writer out!

The most fun thing I’ve done, though, by far, in these last couple of days, is finish what I’m calling “the Haunt second edition special cover.” It’s the cover that will be on the book I send out to everybody and I spent ages painstakingly working over it to make sure it’s perfect. I’m exhausted and have my day job to go to tomorrow, so I’ll just end with posting the new cover. Here’s hoping that very soon I’ll have somebody to make the cover for me!



2 comments on “Taking It Seriously

  1. S. Paige Reiring says:

    Very cool cover! I really dig it. Nice job, and congrats!

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