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This is going to be a brief but poignant post today. I made a decision earlier to finally share some of my work with the writing community. I am submitting it to be torn apart and viciously critiqued so that I can hone in on my strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, make some advancements towards finishing Haunt.

The short story I’m sharing is called Another Case and can be found here (so click here) and is something I worked on between finishing the first draft of Haunt and then eventually returning to my editing and revising. If you’re going to read it I thank you in advance, and if you’re going to help me out even more by reviewing it then I ask you to be honest, but please be kind. You can private message me on Facebook with your review if you like (click here to be taken to my Facebook page) or you can comment here on WordPress or, alternatively, you can email me at if you’d prefer to do it that way.

The synopsis is as follows:

Grace is a dedicated Victim Support volunteer who has worked innumerable cases in the few short years she’s been doing the job. But now, when another case arrives on her lap, she finds herself feeling genuinely anxious for the first time. Is it just unwarranted nerves, or is there genuinely something sinister waiting for her at Driftmoor Manor?

I intend on making this part of a short-story anthology that I will eventually publish on Amazon to showcase my writing and my imagination (if, that is, it is well-received here). I’m starting to feel a little bit nervous and like I might regret this decision so I’m going to wrap this up quickly before I wuss-out. If you take the time to read then again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me seriously as a writer. If you’re going to review I thank you even more for helping me with my writing (but ask that you be gentle!). Right, I’m going now before I change my mind. Thank you!


5 comments on “Share And Share Alike

  1. Grace says:

    I like the brief introduction of your character, Grace. A victim support worker, sooo, does that let us infer more about our Grace? Is there some vulnerability exposed due to Grace’s earlier experiences? Is she just a very kind soul who enjoys helping others or is she covertly malicious? Lots to ponder as we await to read more!
    ~ Grace

  2. Hi Kyle,
    In no way an expert but, for what it is worth, I thought that the story was pretty good but a little verbose.
    Right from the initial phone conversation, I felt that the pace was just a little on the slow side.
    Even when the tension built up, and you did this very well, it was never just as urgent as I felt it needed to be.
    Summary: A good story, well written, needs a good editor..
    Best of luck.

    • kylewotton says:

      Thank you very much for your feedback! I think what has shocked me is thinking of my work as verbose, because I’m constantly in fear of the exact opposite. Perhaps I’ve overcompensated? Anyway, I really appreciate the feedback and thank you for being honest. You’ve already given me some food for thought when I eventually go back to revising my novel 🙂

  3. Hi Kyle, I enjoyed the story, thought it was a good premise and I had to keep reading to find out what happened next. I agree the wording could have been cut down more – think if you’d started nearer to her getting to the house it would have increased the pace. But with a bit of editing think it could be a great story. Good luck and congratulations for taking the step to share…

  4. araneus1 says:

    When I clicked on the link there was no story to be read but that’s OK because I wanted to comment on ‘literary criticism’ any way.
    I would like to humbly [that’s a euphemism, I’m not humble at all] suggest that when you receive feedback on a story [always ask, the more the merrier] you run that criticism through a filter. Look at what has been said, if you think it makes sense act on it, and if you think it’s a load of bollocks then dismiss it——- as simple as that. Learn from the feedback or chuck it out.
    Believe in your own ability and add to that ability wherever you can.
    Not everyone is going to like what you write, that’s a fact.

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