It’s Been Too Long!

I’ve been away from my blog for a long time, but not without certain achievements behind the scenes. Namely: I’m on the third and final act of my novel with only a few climactic chapters to go and currently at 70,585 words! I honestly don’t know how I’ve done it, but it seems like I’m on the right track, which is great.

In my time away I’ve been dieting (the lazy writers’ belly was getting too much for me) and was also hit with a nasty bout of food poisoning last week, which shook up my planned blog entry. Because of the food poisoning setback I haven’t done as much work on my novel in the past 7 days as I’d have liked (a measly paragraph to be precise) but I’m back on track! I’ve got an entire week ahead of me in which I hope to write the final words of the final chapter. My work at this point will only be 40% – 50% done, but I will certainly consider it “hard part over” material.

To mark my return to blogging and, more importantly, my return to writing in general, I have decided to upload a little picture of my workspace. It’s nothing special and certainly nothing to show off about, but I know that a writers’ workspace is a sacred realm of security and mine is certainly the best place for me to be. Unfortunately Scott and I live in an open-plan flat so there’s practically only one room, which means I can’t exactly close a door and get some privacy. This makes it hard for me to do a lot when Scott is about, which isn’t to say I don’t want him here (I’d never say such a thing about my boyfriend “tee hee hee”) but it just means that my writing opportunities are fewer than I’d like. But when I do get to sit down and get some words out of my brain, this is where the magic happens:

My modest little writing space – the place that birthed my in-progress novel, Haunt.

I can’t blame dieting, food poisoning, and lack of private time as the sole reasons I don’t get as much writing done as I should though. I am a procrastinator by nature and generally I don’t enjoy getting work done. This makes for a daily struggle with myself, but one in which I usually get at least one productive thing done (thank God!) even if that one thing is just motivating myself to tidy the flat before Scott gets home from work.

Another thing I’ve not being doing much of lately is reading and, believe me, I am smacking myself for it. I understand that reading is just as important as writing when you’re aspiring to be an author or, I suppose, a writer of any kind. The problem is, I seem to go through these ‘phases’ where there’s one vice that seems to prickle my attention more than anything else. I suppose at the moment that has been a little bit of a mixture of throwback television (Sex and the City and Will & Grace to be precise) and video games (the Tomb Raider reboot and Guitar Hero to be precise). I may have found something of an inspiration in my wonderfully quaint and charming little bookcase that I bought a couple of weeks ago (whilst I was procrastinating – see how this works?)

My new bookcase – note the plethora of Stephen King novels.

I now have a proud place to display the majority of my favourite novels (or novels I really want to read but haven’t gotten around to just yet). All of the books I own that down fit into those categories are existing on the old bookshelves on the other side of the room. I think Scott sees my collection of fiction as excessive (which I don’t entirely disagree with) but I can’t bring myself to hide all my books away in boxes. It might sound stupid, but I like the idea of people coming around to the flat and seeing the books and thinking to themselves ‘Gee, these guys actually read stuff!’. Yeah, okay, so that does sound a little bit ridiculous – but I am a self-admitted obsessor over what other people think of me.

So I’ve rambled on a bit here but I’m hoping that this is a good way for me to get back into fairly-regular blogging and also an opportunity for me to now click into that other little window on the task bar that says ‘Haunt – Microsoft Word’ and get some damn writing done. If I put in a good hour or so tonight I might even be able to unravel a little more of the mystery and find out for myself if there are any twists or turns awaiting me that I haven’t even thought of yet.

Thank you for reading! (If you have read) And I will return here again soon.


5 comments on “It’s Been Too Long!

  1. Stacy Ryan says:

    Thanks for sharing a picture of your writing space. We have a small house (and with 2 kids it feels even smaller) and I have yet to set up a designated writing space anywhere. I find that when I try to write at the dining room table, the chair is uncomfortable for long sittings so I walk around and find another chore I end up doing, thereby neglecting my writing.
    Thanks again about the inspiration and hang in there. I’ll see Haunt on my Kindle or bookshelf soon, I am sure!

    • Thank you for the comment and good luck finding a good writing space! Once you’ve got one it’s pure magic (depending on whether you’re feeling inspired, of course). Be sure to keep an eye out for Haunt, it’ll be done soon (I hope!)

  2. Thanks visit my blog. I did not see “notify new posts” box below or “follow” in widgets column or I would subscribe. Lemme know when you add. I do not check “follow up comments” box for blogs I follow as I would have elevendy billion notices in my email in box.

  3. rangewriter says:

    Well, sorry, I had a nice little reply here but had trouble loading it from my iPad. My fault. Anyway….gotta run. Keep up the good work!

  4. jessmittens says:

    Congratulations on the huge amount of words! And look on the bright side, the food poisoning can only have given your diet an extra kick. Nothing like losing weight through poison :S
    Bookshelves are awesome.

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