The End Is In Sight

Word Count: 55,864

This means that I am now 5,864 words over the point of my novel actually being considered a ‘novel’, as per the basic standard word count. Am I actually near the end? No, not really. But I’m certainly over half way and have planned every step of the story from now until the end.

Yes, I know I posted not long ago about Stephen King’s warning not to plot and let story develop organically but I was really stuck so it was a last resort. I always knew how I wanted the last few chapters to play out but I was having trouble bridging the gap between ‘here’ (the point I was stuck at) and ‘there’ (the ending I’d envisioned) so I pulled out the only thing I knew would help: plotting.

In all honesty it’s actually worked amazingly, because it helped get past that wall I was up against but the story is still taking itself forward very organically and independently. The plan I’d laid out was supposed to be chronological, but it didn’t work out that way – which is a good thing! It means the story’s soul is still alive and kicking and leading me instead of me pushing (or carrying) around a dead carcass.

What else have I been doing? Well, I’m going to admit my guilty pleasure now. I know it’s a little bit weird, but it really helps my creative process. Visualisation is very important to me and I’m pretty good at it, but sometimes need templates and examples to base my impressions off of. When it comes to characters (as I’ve said previously) actors and actresses can suffice most of the time, but when I still feel I need a little bit of visual clarification I turn to something else I like to do, which is… well, it’s basically mixing the faces of celebrities to create the faces that I imagine in my head. I had a teensy bit of writer’s block earlier and decided to try and combat it by indulging in my guilty pleasure. It worked massively and I’ve got a good 1,100 words or so out of my head tonight, which isn’t much – but it’s definitely progress.

I know there’s not much to report, but that’s because I’m hard at work trying to get this damn thing finished so I can update on the next steps. There’s still a massive amount of work ahead of me, but I have a week off work at the beginning of September and (aside from spending some time with my boyfriend) my goal is to finish the first draft in that week. It’s scary, but also kind of amazing.

Thank you for reading and I’ll leave you with a little example of my face mixing (embarrassed as I am to admit that I indulge in this, it is part of my writing process and that’s what I’m here to document!) These are my two protagonists Josh and Beth – they’re the driving force in my story. I’m currently writing a very interesting scene involving Beth in a crisis of faith having a discussion with a possibly-mentally-unhinged priest who takes his faith very seriously. Night all!

My two main characters, Beth and Josh, courtesy of face mixing.


7 comments on “The End Is In Sight

  1. “A very interesting scene involving Beth in a crisis of faith having a discussion with a possibly-mentally-unhinged priest who takes his faith very seriously.” Okay, now you have my attention!

    Writers fall into two camps: the plotters and the pantsers. And many of them move back and forth, which is what it sounds like you are doing. If you’re getting the story onto the paper (or the screen), does it really matter which method you use? Good for you for indulging in whatever it takes to get the juices flowing. Face mixing looks like fun, and way better for your waistline than chocolate (which works wonders for me, by the way).

    Thanks for following my blog, and I’m looking forward to following your progress here!

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it! I definitely flit between plotting and just letting the story evolve on its own. I’m really in crisis-mode at the moment and worried that when I’m done it’s just going to be a hodge-podge mess. But thank you for your encouraging words, it was really nice of you. Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Hello.. Thank you for reading.. congratulations on your project.. glad to have you on board.. Peace Tony

  3. JP McLean says:

    For what it’s worth, I think you’ve done exactly the right thing. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else. I also write using both methods. For me, the key is flexibility and fabulous new story ideas always trump outlines. Good luck with the writing.

  4. I want to encourage you that whatever method works for you and any combination in between that helps you complete your novel–go for it. The face mix software looks interesting. I tend to have the character in my head and he tells me what he looks like. Once you get on a roll and the characters start talking to you you’ll get your rough draft finished in no time.

  5. I start out with an idea and let my characters and research lead me. Works well for me; that and taking naps when I get stuck.

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