My Nemesis: Procrastination.

“I’ll do it later.”

“I’m too tired for it now.”

“I’ll just look at this one last page.”

Sometimes it’s a wonder I ever get any writing done at all. I will tonight, but it’s already 10:53pm and I promised myself I would do a decent amount tonight. Well I have the day off of work tomorrow and I’m going to use my holiday being productive! If I don’t write at least 6,000 words tomorrow then I don’t deserve to call myself a writer (I’m going to be harsh on myself to reach my target.)

Today was a good day though. I got out in the open air with my boyfriend Scott, breathed some fresh air and visited the wonderful town of Totnes. It provided me with lots of thoughts and inspiration and things to think about (along with a new bag for my laundry that is covered with cartoon foxes!) I will definitely put my recharged batteries and sparked inspiration to good use tomorrow – and a little tonight as well, of course.

Totnes. One of my favourite places in Devon.

I think one of the things I like about Totnes so much is that it’s rich with old architecture. The old is mixed seamlessly with the new and it creates something that feels very natural and organic. It gets me thinking about ghosts and spirits and the remnants of things long past, which is actually key to the thought process behind Haunt, so that’s a good thing! (Also – and in equal measure – me and Scott do like to peruse the shops and look for unique items and antiques).

Me and my boyfriend, Scott. He’s supporting me in my blogging endeavour!

I suppose this blog itself is a form of procrastination. Or at least it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that it gets me in the right mood for writing and opens my mind up the way it should be. It’s like my own personal therapy and I would recommend it to other aspiring writers who may struggle to find that motivation from time to time. I’m going to crank up the Coheed and Cambria and try and knuckle down for at least an hour – see if I can’t bang out a thousand words or so before bedtime. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

This album is often my best friend when the procrastination monster threatens to steal me away.

I’ve also started watching a TV show as research for my book, just to see how the characters and situation are handled. It’s a British murder mystery called ‘Broadchurch‘ and, for those who haven’t heard of it, it’s about a murder in a small town that is then investigated by two police officers – that’s pretty much all I know at the moment but my Mum swears that it’s a great show and full of plenty of twists and turns. It doesn’t sound entirely dissimilar to Haunt in a brief outline, so it’ll definitely serve as good inspiration (or at least I hope it will!)

Anyway – I’d better get on with it if I want to further my protagonists adventure and begin untangling this web of mystery that I’ve woven.

Broadchurch – my lunchtime viewing will hopefully help further my writing.


2 comments on “My Nemesis: Procrastination.

  1. It’s insane how easily we put off productivity and creativity. Mindless wastes of time are so tempting, even when we know what a waste they are! Lets all kick procrastinations ass together. Strength in numbers.

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