Writer, Blocked. Writer, Unblocked.

Motivation can be elusive, like a shadow passing in the night.

I find myself with an entire day off, no plans or prior commitments, a complete openness to get lost in my writing. But the motivation is missing. The day is hot, especially for England, and I find myself sitting topless (not a pretty sight) with an electric fan inches away from me to keep me cool. Why is it that heat can breed such a lack of motivation?

I took a walk down to the Cathedral Green earlier in search of some inspiration. It’s so hot the grass has dried up and turned from a healthy green to a decidedly unhealthy colour much like sand. Feeling refreshed, I came home only to find that I would sit here browsing the internet endlessly and occasionally watching my neighbour from across the street in her laborious task of moving out one item at a time.

A trip to the Cathedral Green usually motivates me.

It’s very hard to get out of this gutter once you’re stuck in it. I’m trying to think of ways that I can reignite myself a little bit but I’m just too tempted to continue watching How To Train Your Dragon instead. I’ve got all of my research in front of me, but I haven’t reviewed my plot plan in a while so I might do that instead.

Oh heat, the things that you do to me! You turn me into nothing but a couch potato with barely enough motivation to drag myself to the bathroom when I need to pee. That’s just how bad it is.

I’m going to play some music now, open the window and force the words out of me even if I do end up writing a bunch of stuff that is completely useless. It’s better than sitting here and being unproductive. I’ll just visualise my novel being sold in Waterstones and maybe that’ll help me get through it.

One day Haunt will be sold in a bookstore just like Waterstones in Exeter.


2 comments on “Writer, Blocked. Writer, Unblocked.

  1. Thanks for the follow. You write well: I wouldn’t worry. 😉 I look fwd to seeing more from you. Diana

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